The LDT community is planning to go to CampZone 2017 with members from all over the globe. We hope that we can have a wonderful holiday in the beautiful heart of Europe; The Netherlands!

CampZone is the world’s biggest outdoor gaming vacation with almost 2000 participants who come to play games and compete with each other in tents and trailers. The computers and gaming consoles are connected to each other using a Local Area Network and Internet connection. CampZone is held on a large field in Kronenberg, The Netherlands which is transformed yearly for this event into a gaming-campsite for 11 days.

This event offers the participants the possibility to connect with the huge CampZone 10 Gigabit network, allowing everybody to play games and communicate digitally with each other.

However, CampZone is not only about gaming. It is the best opportunity for all community members to meet and start even start new friendships. Every day the CampZone organization provides activities such as paintball, human bowling, soap football and barbecuing.

On this site we hope we can explain everything you need to know about this event and how you can participate.